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If you're hunting for Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils, you've hit the Mother Lode!  At Mother Lode Rock Shop, you get to pick.  Choose the exact specimens you want from our wide-ranging collection of Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils.

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Ammonite Fossil Specimens For Sale
Clam Fossil Specimens For Sale
Fish Fossil Specimens For Sale
Goniatite Fossil Specimens For Sale
Mosasaur Tooth Fossil Specimens For Sale
Mosasaur Teeth
Petrified Wood Specimens For Sale
Petrified Wood
Sand Dollar Fossil Specimens For Sale
Sand Dollars
Trilobite Fossil Specimens For Sale
Turritella Agate Fossil Specimens For Sale
Turritella Agate
Fossil Slabs For Sale
Polished Fossil Slabs
Instant Fossil Collection For Sale
Instant Fossil Collection
Rocks Minerals Fossils Shopping Cart
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